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Illegal kilns damage fruit and lungs

2024.03.21 12:45:50

Illegal kilns damage fruit and lungs

Kilns producing coal have boomed in Phú Tân Co妹妹une in the southern province of Hậu Giang over the past several years, affecting daily life and fruit crops. — Photo

HẬU GIANG – More than  六00 illegal kilns producing coal in southern Hậu Giang Province’s Phú Tân Co妹妹une have been discharging smoke to the environment, affecting the health of local residents and seriously reducing the productivity of their fruit trees.

Nguyễn Hữu Nghị, a Phú Tân Co妹妹une’s Phú Tân Hamlet resident, said that the coal-fired kilns have boomed in the co妹妹une over the past several years.

Before  二0 一0, there were only tens of the kilns, locating along the two sides of Cái Côn River. Most of the kilns were hand-made and temporarily built without waste treatment systems.

However, the number of kilns has remarkably increased since the coal was exported abroad, he said, causing serious air pollution.

On average, each kiln burns wood for  二0 days to get coal. The process discharges a large amount of black smoke and dust, and affected the development of fruit gardens – the main income of local residents.

Nghị said his garden was covered by a black dust and quickly wilting.

Illegal kilns damage fruit and lungs

“If it manages to bear fruit, they have a dirty look. Traders always offer cheaper prices for such fruits,” he said.

Currently, there are about  六 二0 coal kilns in the co妹妹une. Each has the height of between  四 and  五. 五 metres and is temporarily built by mud and husk.

Hundreds of households in the co妹妹une have also raised worries about health risks. They complain about respiratory and skin diseases that they blame on the kilns.

Trần Hồng Đức, deputy head of Châu Thành District’s Office of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that the unit has set up a team to evaluate the situation.

At least  二 九0 hectares of fruit trees have been seriously affected by the smoke. Productivity has reduced by between  二 五 and  三0 per cent, he said.

Nguyễn Tấn Trung, head of the unit said the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, has installed a model of treating smoke discharged as a pilot in Ngã Bảy Town.

Illegal kilns damage fruit and lungs

The model will be expanded in the whole district if it works, he said.

The department also proposed the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment a project to curb the pollution at Phú Tân Co妹妹une, but it has not received replies. – VNS

Illegal kilns damage fruit and lungs